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One killed, ten injured in 21-story apartment fire, The DePaulia

Woman sexually assaulted, robbed at gunpoint in Lincoln Park, The DePaulia

Gan , g member convicted in murder of DePaul honors student, The DePaulia

Flames engulf two Lakeview apartments in 3-alarm fire (story + slideshow), The DePaulia

Power outage closes Lincoln Park campus buildings, The DePaulia

Teen questioned in Fullerton ‘L’ shoving death, The DePaulia

Man sentenced to 70 years for role in Frankie Valencia shooting, The DePaulia

43rd Ward heads to run-off, The DePaulia


Despite oppression, Black atheists fight to be heard

The Richard Dawkins Foundation

An American Atheist

Mt. Soledad cross supporters make final cry for battle, An American Atheist

Israeli Apartheid Week ignites rhetoric discussion, The DePaulia

New contraceptives mandate doesn’t change much for DePaul, The DePaulia

Sporting the ‘stache, The DePaulia

‘There is no justice in this’, The DePaulia

Students ‘Occupy Chicago’, The DePaulia

10 Remember 9/11: Former O’Hare Official John Harris, The Red Line Project

School board hears options to ease overcrowding at Hollis/Brookline High, The Nashua Telegraph

Welcome, The DePaulia blogs

Hip-Hop & Opera: Like Bacon & Chocolate, Gaper’s Block

Sex, lies, Arrogance: What makes Americans act like sophisticates (a satire), The DePaulia

Council of the Whole to meet over tenure process, The DePaulia

Tenure process sparks petition, protests, The DePaulia

This is our war too, The DePaulia

Interactive Map: Drug cartel murders

Photos: Scenes from the Drug War (AP photos)

For love of the Easter egg and all that’s commercial, The DePaulia

Haiti works for sustainable money, food, The DePaulia

When Jesus Christ the superhero, cowboys and the Bible unite, The DePaulia

School of education’s graduate program fails evaluation, The DePaulia

French ban unveils questions, The DePaulia

Growing number of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim, The DePaulia

In Arizona, Immigrant Deaths Hit Record High, featured on DePaul University website

Lack of religious world knowledge stirs debate on teaching religion in public schools, The DePaulia

‘Mancession’ brings new majority to the workforce: women, The DePaulia

Not Gaga for the Lady’s ta-tas, The DePaulia

A bridge between two legal cultures, Café Magazine

Chicago Enters the World Cup Experience, Café Magazine

CPS Undergoes Budget Cuts as CEO Gets a Raise, Chicago Storytelling

Faculty exhibition at DePaul’s art museum is the first in five years, The DePaulia

Keeping the Faith, Catholics look for greater reform amid scandals, The DePaulia

Christians celebrate Holy Week, The DePaulia

Immigration law reaches across the country, DePaul students march on May Day, The DePaulia

Students march against Arizona immigration law, The DePaulia

Sexuality and globalization are key parts in Carnaval, study abroad students say, The DePaulia

Tourism hurts native Mayans, The DePaulia

African-American crowned Disney Princess, The DePaulia

Breast Cancer Awareness Boost Products, The DePaulia


Portraits of a Black Atheist

Valentines for Blue Demons (connected newspaper and website with limited number of cut-out valentine’s taylored to students’ majors in print, complete collection online)

Close, but no cigar (interactive news)

‘Occupy Wall Street’ sweeps Chicago (soundslide)

‘The Marathon’ Photo Essay (Photos & Adobe Flash project, second)

2011 Chicago Marathon (The DePaulia Flickr)

Seven in Heaven weekend events list Parade

2011 Chicago Pride Parade (slideshow)

2011 Chicago Pride (The DePaulia Flickr)

Lollapalooza 2011 Playlist

Obama appoints DePaul professor to key Administration post (video)

Hip-hip opera performs in Chicago (video)

Youth voices their right to vote across different platforms, across time (storify)

Drug cartel murders (map)

World News Map (created weekly)

Timeline of a revolution: Power, rage and tears of joy spread across Egypt (interactive timeline)


Una mentira innecesaria (An unnecessary lie), The DePaulia

Ex-guerrillera marxista se convierte la primera mujer presidente de Brasil (Former guerrilla Marxist becomes the first woman president of Brazil), The DePaulia

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