‘Mancession’ Brings New Majority to the Workforce: Women

“Mancession” is the new nickname thrown around for the recession that began in 2007. The majority of those who lost their job during the recession were men, the same gender whose presence continues to grow as a minority in higher education campuses across the country. This year, for the first time in American history, women now make up a majority of the workforce in highly paid managerial and professional positions, holding down the fields at 51.4 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Immigration Law Reaches Across the Country

Gina Leal said she considers herself lucky. Born in Mexico City, Leal is not only a DePaul sophomore, but also a U.S. citizen. However, while Leal studies anthropology and Latino studies, 90 percent of her family remains in Mexico. While the new immigration law SB1070 applies only in the state of Arizona, it has had rippling affects to the students of DePaul University, including Leal.